Acquisition and project applications to European Union entities

Many companies and organisations want to develop international projects and cooperate with enterprises and partners from other EU countries and the rest of the world. They want to learn from experiences from elsewhere, use these experiences to improve their own business and in this way increase their competitiveness, know-how and visibility.

Maas Consulting serves you

We help you in finding the best possible funding sources in European Union institutions. We do that on the basis of in-depth discussions with managers and decision-makers to obtain a view of their interests and goals.

We also assist you in the search for suitable partners all over Europe and establish cooperation arrangements with them.

We support you in writing project applications. We do this in cooperation with assigned personnel of your company. It is important that the concept is clear and relevant, and that an effective and efficient project and risk management structure is planned.  We take care of this. We also take care for timely and correct submission of all documents (application, legal documents, etc.) to the European Commission.


Information and Training