Moderation of Conferences, Workshops und Meetings

You wish to brainstorm and plan a new project or activity?
You need an independent moderator for a meeting and its discussions?
You want to build a new team or improve communication in an existing one?

Maas Consulting serves you …

Several experts of our team have high experience in these matters.
We use different participative methodologies for planning new projects and activities. Project Cycle Management, for example is a well-established and proven method for assuring the quality of identification, formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of actions and projects. This method is being used by several European Commission entities (like DG DEVCO) and the United Nations (UNIDO, UNODC)

In the course of PCM, we apply Logical Framework Analysis techniques in facilitated workshops. This greatly stimulates understanding of stakeholder issues, encourages ownership and generates enthusiasm among participants in training sessions, conferences and planning workshops.

Participative methods are also being used in team-building workshops, in which we challenge the participant in a positive way to bring in his or her expertise, experiences and personality.