Flip Maas

Director of Maas Consulting

I am a business consultant and have worked as the head manager of more than 20 EU-funded projects. These project were funded by DG Research, DG Employment, DG Education, DG Sanco, DG Development, the European parliament, EUROSTAT.  Furthermore, I participated in more than 40 other projects as country coordinator or content specialist. I worked in several international organisations, including the United Nations as a decision-maker.

You can rely on my:

Background: social sciences and business administration
: inside information on “how things work”
: more than 20 years at the international level
Networks at the global level: an international relations manager
in social policy development, social innovation, long-term care for the elderly, social inclusion, social services, drug demand policies

You get:

  • Targeted and dedicated support provided with confidentiality
  • Access to the needed specialist know-how from other experts
  • High-quality services

Flip Maas is Certified Advisor on EU-grants of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)