Monitoring and evaluation

When developing a project, it is often good to get outside expert views to see whether the activities that are developed really contribute to the goals of the project. Are they effective? And are means invested in an efficient way?

In other cases, it is just needed just to mark time for a short period and to evaluate. What did you reach? And was that also what you expected? Could it have been done better? And do we need to make changes in the plan of activities? Or even, reformulate our goals?

Experience has shown that this outside view is very valuable. The outside expert brings in knowledge and independence.

In our team we have several recognised evaluators, who contributed in reviewing projects as well as in organisational development. As such, they have been involved in many of them: in smaller projects in one- or two-day sessions. And in big ones, evaluating in teams for 4-8 week periods, for example contracted by the European Commission. Or they take the role of sparring partner, getting together with project personnel to critically reflect on developments.

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