Information and Training on funding in the European Union

What funding sources exist in the European Union?
What are the differences between its different institutions?
What information do they need before I can apply for funds?
Where do I find the relevant documents to make a project application?

These and many more questions often show up when enterprises want to find out, whether their innovative projects can be financed with European money.

But many companies and organisations do not have the time and experience to find answers to theses questions.  They just give up because of these difficulties. Often good opportunities are not used because the right information is lacking.

Why trying to re-invent the wheel when it is not needed?

Maas Consulting serves you …

Because of the excellent knowledge and high experience with European Union institutions, we can help.

We offer general training courses for interested companies and organisations on the existence of all kinds of funding sources, the requirements to apply for these funds, the documents and the conditions.

We also offer targeted information and training on request. We look at the products and services you want to develop or promote, and will provide you with exact information what the best opportunities are.

If you take the decision to apply for funds, we help you in preparing the application.

And often other institutions, for example by the Chamber of Commerce may subsidise our assistance to you. We help you to obtain these subsidies.